FLO~PRO Original
FLO~PRO Big Oval
FLO~PRO Twister
FLO~PRO Baffle Pack
FLO~PRO Glass Pack
FLO~PRO Heavy Duty

"Super V mufflers offer that aggresive sound for the young & young at heart!"

Large diameter inlet baffle increases exhaust flow.

Large diameter single outlet baffle re-unites the sound & the exhaust.

V Shape partition fragments both the sound and the exhaust.

Welded stainless steel designed to last.

Flo Pro Volume

This scale is in comparisson to other FLO~PRO products tested on highway speeds. Click it to see all our products compared in sound!

  • Offers that aggresive V baffle style sound
  • 100% aluminized all welded construction
  • Sure to give many years of worry free performance
  • Excellent for pickups, SUV's and anyone looking for a more aggresive sound.
  • Great Fit For Street-Legal High Performance Cars & Trucks
  • Available in both dual and single chambers