FLO~PRO Original
FLO~PRO Big Oval
FLO~PRO Twister
FLO~PRO Baffle Pack
FLO~PRO Glass Pack
FLO~PRO Heavy Duty

"The Only Packing in this Baby... is the Punch!"

flo pro original

Triple chamber design adds both improved fuel economy & more horsepower.

Welded to ensure a long lasting durable product.

3" flow tubes provide lots of sound & tremendous flow.

Constructed with durable aluminized steel.

Flo Pro Volume

This scale is in comparisson to other FLO~PRO products tested on highway speeds. Click it to see all our products compared in sound!

  • Just a few part numbers for multiple applications
  • 100% Aluminized Steel Welded Construction
  • Increases horsepower and fuel economy
  • Reversible