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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to get a dealer to install my FLO~PRO kit?

No, you can install our kits yourself. Experience isn't necessary, but can come in handy. You'll need a sawzall, and an impact drive as basic tools. Some kits require tighter fitting turbo pipes which may require modifications to stock firewalls or a little more wiggling than others. In some cases it may take you a few hours to install a kit. Some people are more comfortable taking their truck to someone who has installed our exhaust systems on a regular basis.

Will your system fit my vehicle if I have an in bed hitch or suspension mods?

To be safe, we cannot guarantee it. All FLO~PRO systems are designed to fit FACTORY vehicles with no aftermarket suspension or in bed/gooseneck hitch modifications.

Do your kits come with a muffler?

Our kits have different part numbers for systems that come with muffler than those that come without. This eliminates extra costs for those who won't need it. If you end up experiencing "cab drone" from your straight piped system, our mufflers are available separately if you want to eliminate possible drone and vice versa. Find kits for your vehicle by clicking here.

What grade is your "Stainless Steel" that you use?

All our Stainless Steel exhaust systems are made from mandrel bent 16ga T409 Stainless Steel. Stainless Steel is graded by the amount of nickel content in the steel. The higher the nickel content the higher quality. For example, T304 stainless is better quality than T409 in the sense that it has a higher polish and is nonmagnetic. T409 stainless is often prone to some minor surface rust, but will generally outlast Aluminized systems. All our exhaust tips and stacks are made from T304 stainless steel and will not rust.

Will getting a kit with muffler restrict my flow?

Nope. Our diesel mufflers are designed to eliminate "cab drone". For example, in a 5" system, the muffler has a 5" straight through perforated core packed in an 8" case with a high temperature fiber material. Mufflers have a case length of either 20" or 30".

What style of clamps are included in your kits?

We like to use a 2-Bolt "Lap Joint" style of clamp. These clamps eliminate the need to notch the pipe expansions as each side of the clamp tightens individually on the pipes. Because of their even force on the pipes, they do not distort or alter the shape of your exhaust. Torque each bolt to only 50ft/lbs for a nice firm fitting seal. These clamps are also available separately if you wish to replace the inferior clamps from a different system.

Do you include tips with your systems?

No. It's your truck, make it look exactly like you want it to! We have a wide range of tips available from 5" to 8" outlets, turn downs, rolled angle cuts, dual walled, etc.

What kind of warranty do you have?

FLO~PRO has a 1 year warranty against any factory defects. If your system is installed incorrectly which results in it becoming damaged or other external damage is done, we can't warranty the system. Please keep your original orders and packing slips as reference for any warranty claims.

Does FLO~PRO make headers?