List Your Shop!


1.1 In order to sign up to be on our "Dealer Locator" service, you must be a FLO~PRO dealer. Meaning that you must regularily carry FLO~PRO products in your store or online shop and rightfully display them as such.

2.1 If you are an online dealer and wish to have a banner link to your webpage from, you must have a link to on your homepage with the FLO~PRO banner. Or have FLO~PRO products easily accessible on your website.
2.2 If you do not have the aforesaid banner, and wish not to link to FLO~PRO, your link will appear in plain text at the bottom of the "Online Dealers" page.
2.3 If you wish to link to FLO~PRO and require any promotional images such as logos, banners, etc. Please contact
2.4 Full size banner eligibility (550px by 68px)is based on advertising our products on your site. If you need any product images for your site, they can be found at

3.1 This dealer locator is to aid the end user find FLO~PRO products. Therefore only retail sales dealers will be listed.
3.2 Please check off the FLO~PRO products you carry or sell most of.
3.3 Please specify if you are an online shop or an installer. If you don't install our products, you will not be listed under "Service Providers".

4.1 Your submission will be reviewed within the next 2-3 business days from the time it was submitted.
4.2 Due to the high number of submissions per week, we will be unable to inform "spammers" or "non-dealers" that their ad will not be posted.
4.3 If you feel you have complied with everything you see above and after 5 business days have not seen your ad on our site, please notify us immediatly and we will review your submission.